The Turing Galaxy in Second Life

The World Culture Hub and its subprojecte, The Turing Galaxy among them, was initially started as a project in the 3D Internet world of Second Life, launched by Philip Rosedale’s company Linden Lab in 2002 and inspired by the concept of the metaverse in Neal Stephenson’s classic science fiction novel Snow Crash (1992). Although more advanced systems such as Sansar are curently developed, Second Life is still the largest and most popular general virtual world of its kind, with thousands of regions and 40.000 to 50.000 users online at any given time.

Although we have started with the development of an own virtual world we still maintain a reduced presence in Second Life with a main building, intended for exhibitions about the history of computing and artificial intelligence and their influence on literature and the arts, and an auditorium for live events and EDM club nights. The landing point is here.